Grilled Peppers

The grilled peppers in oil have a great aroma and taste, and are ideal as a ready to serve starter or as an appetizing side dish to accompany meat such as chicken or fresh cheese. Perfect also as a pizza topping or to create fantastic sandwiches and appetizers. 


Grilled Mushrooms

The plump, full grilled mushrooms are grown in Italy and marinated in sunflower oil, garlic, and herbs for a rich, tasty flavour.
Particularly appropriate as a delicious appetizer or an original side dish. Perfect for roast lamb and venison.


Grilled Artichokes

The unmistakable taste of pure all-natural artichokes cooked in the most natural
way. The characteristics of the best quality heads (leaves still clinging firmly to the heart, round shape, superb consistency) can all be savoured in Istà grilled artichokes.

IL Grilliatore Grilled Vegetables

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