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BlEu Fox

Bleu Fox Cheese Shop is owned by a family that loves food, but more importantly, loves artisan cheeses. We discovered the vastly understated world of cheese almost 10 years ago at a small, local grocery store, where we would purchase baskets filled with “little bites” of cheese just to try as many varieties as we could. Since those days, our appetite for great cheeses has only grown, as has our desire to be connoisseurs of all things cheese. Our goal at Bleu Fox Cheese Shop is to share our passion, our knowledge, and our absolute love for artisan cheese and specialty foods with you!


We also provide accoutrements that are suited to enhance the flavor of each cheese we offer, including olives, jams, honey, crackers, charcuterie, locally-produced goods, and much more!  We also offer catering services that feature our hand-selected cheeses and charcuterie platters to suit

your needs.


The secret ingredient is always


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