The Small Party Platter is great for any party of 8-12 friends. Included are 3-4 hand selected cheeses by our cheesemongers and embellished with accouterments sure to enhance the flavor profiles. Garnishes can include: fresh/dried fruit or vegetables, jams/spreads, olives, nuts, and crackers.  

Small Party Platter

Platter Options
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  • Cheesemonger's Choice- With two Certified Cheese Professionals on staff you are in good hands. Allow us to hand select your cheeses and accoutrements that are in season and at their peak in taste.


    South on a Platter- Do you love Chattanooga? Tennessee? North Georgia? Southeast? Whether you are a vacationing visitor or a longtime native of the area, we are proud to offer you a cheese platter that celebrates the artisan products of this region and people who create them.


    United Cheeses of America- The US cheese scene is exploding! Indulge in a selection of domestic delicacies that demonstrate what America has to offer! Particularly apropos for the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, our most patriotic platter is sure to impress.


    Classic European- Experience the taste of time and tradition, as we take you on a tour of Europe. Whether you prefer to travel across the continent or experience a single country, classics like Camembert, Manchego, Taleggio, Gruyère, and Stilton will never fail to dazzle you.


    Charcuterie- Enjoy a tasty selection of sliced charcuterie and pâté from the US and Europe. Whether you love a delicate Prosciutto di Parma, or a heartier garlicky salami, indulge in the treat that is cured meat. Accompaniments for this platter typically include fine mustard, cornichons, olives and other savory pairing components.

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